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We love love love our personalised Paris map. Sonja incorporated all of our favorite memories and things to do around the city, and it tells the story of why we love living in Paris. Thanks, Sonja! We can't wait to display it on our wall! 

Lindsey and Justin Kent, PictoursParis

Sonja drew a map of Paris for my boyfriend and I. We met here, and both call it home so we decided to choose places that represented a funny or significant moment in our relationship, like the bar we had our first date, our first apartment and our regular midnight bike ride around the Louvre museum. All it took was a quick description of each location and why it mattered to us for Sonja to produce a truly beautiful map, that now occupies pride of place in our apartment.
We have been fans of Sonja's art for ages- and we're really thrilled to own a piece that is so personal to us... not only because we are pretty sure it's going to be worth millions one day when she is super famous!


Sonja made a little gastro guide of Paris for my food blog. She also explained in the post why all that places matter and little tricks how to feel more like a Parisian when in Paris on a vacation. I absolutely  loved it and it is one of most popular post on my blog.
Sonja is great to work with, she totally did the map as I imagined it.