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Ready to start creating your unique map?

  1. Choose and pay for your map.
  2. Receive a confirmation mail and short questionnaire that will help you to choose and describe the places you want to include. “Your” places can be anything at all— an amazing restaurant, a park bench, that umbrella shop you stopped at, an art gallery, the bridge you took that great photo…
  3. List up to 10 places to include on your map, and write a short description (one or two sentences) about each of them— why is this place important to you?
  4. Send it all back to us.
  5. Receive a draft map in pencil within seven days. Suggest any edits you would like to make. When you are happy with the draft, we will begin to ink and color it, and you will receive it in jpeg file within 3 days.
  6. Enjoy your map!