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This page is dedicated to cool places around the globe! We've all been in that position - you're in a new town, you don't know where to go...and you need a good suggestion from a person you know or you respect, from somebody who likes the same things as you do! Mapperie is about tribe - about people who understand how life changing each trip and each moment could be. We asked some of those people to suggest us their favourite places...And then we literally put them on the map!

Let us know which place you like as well! We might map it!   


Wild and The Moon - vegeterian café and deli


L'Eclair de génie - heaven for people with sweet tooth

Le Peloton café - in a need for a good coffee and a lovely place to work at?

Harry's New York Bar - for cocktails à la Hemingway

Cantine Primeur - vegeterian and vegan restaurant


Easy Tiger - bake shop and beer garden

New York:

MMuseumm - tiny impressive museum (must see!)

Strand Bookstore - the most amazing bookshop in the world

tobys new york

Toby's Estate Brooklyn - the best coffee and the biggest windows around

Los Angeles:

Mustard Seed Café - California cuisine


Museum of Broken Relationships - museum for the rest of us 


Golden Age - Cinema and Bar 


Juniors - deli and cafe


Toulouse Petit - Kitchen and Lounge