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Why do you send me the map as a jpeg? Why not a printed map?

It’s way better to have the jpeg! When you own the file, you can use it over and over, however you like, forever. We are working towards offering printed versions as part of the standard package, but if you need this done now, just ask!

How big is the jpeg file?

The file is big enough to be printed at poster size (40x40cm, 15x15 inches)... and any size in between! You could put it on a postcard, on a t-shirt or on a tote bag. Great for gifts, right?

Can you help me get it printed?

Absolutely! Contact us and we will arrange it!

It seems pretty expensive, why does it cost that much?

Your map is an original, entirely unique piece of art created just for you, that nobody else in the world can have. It takes Sonja between 4 and 5 hours to create each individual map, not including email communication, so it’s actually a very good deal.

You seem to do a lot of maps of Paris… does my map have to be Paris too?

Not at all! We can create a map for you on any city or place in the world! Our expertise combined with your memories is all that’s necessary.

Can you do maps of any city? Even if you haven’t been there?

Absolutely. Sonja’s uses her training as an architect to analyze and research the location, in order to capture it’s true vibe. Just send us your favourite places, cities and memories and we will take care of the rest!

I want to make a road-trip map of my recent holiday, with multiple cities… is that possible?

Totally. Yes, we would love to do that for you - wherever you are in the world.

Could you do a map of a small location, like a farm for example?

Absolutely. A map like this would be great for a wedding invitation, don’t you think?

Could you do a map of a whole country?

Yes! We have done this a few times and would love to do it again.